The tiny quadrotor with a big boost

The tiny quadrotor with a big boost

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What is a Quad-Rocket ?
The Quad-Rocket is the world's first combination of an electric quadrotor and the classic model rocket. Designed and developed by aerospace engineers for durability and low-drag, the Quad-Rocket is currently the world's fastest quadrotor! Under rocket-boost, the Quad-Rocket was recorded at speeds of over 130 mph. After the rocket burns out, conventional quadrotor flight is possible. The durable polycarbonate airframe allows dozens of rocket launches where typical model rockets show wear much sooner. Whether under rocket propulsion or just flying in your backyard, the patented Quad-Rocket represents the next evolution of quadrotor design. 
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Missile-Mode Flight
Part Quadrotor
Part Model Rocket
Like any other quadrotor, the Quad-Rocket can fly without the use of a rocket motor and operate using its four onboard brushed electric motors. Use the included transmitter or bind with any DSM2/DSMX transmitter. Uses standard 1-cell LiPo batteries which recharge using the included USB-charger. Without the mass of a rocket motor, the Quad-Rocket is capable of 7 minute flight times in stabilized flight or in "acrobatic" mode without stability augmentation for advanced pilots.
Unlike typical quadrotors, the Quad-Rocket has a built-in tube which can accomodate any 13mm solid rocket motor. We recommend the 1/2A3 size, but the tube will fit up to an A10! Launch off the same launch pad you would use to launch typical model rockets with the same igniters and controller. The Quad-Rocket will reach speeds of more than 130 mph during launch and rise up to 200 ft in the air. Recovery is under remote control as a quadrotor instead of passively by parachute.
Because the Quad-Rocket must be "statically stable" for effortless rocket launches, the low-drag wings also generate lift in forward flight. This allows a new, unique mode of quadrotor flight - "Missile Mode." Rather than use the motors to produce lift and hover, the Quad-Rocket can also pitch over horizontally and use all its onboard power for high speeds flight without the use of a rocket motor! Typical quadrotors without wings cannot sustain flight in this orientation.
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